324 Burwood Road

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Dr Walter Lindesay Richardson intended to set up practice in central Hawthorn, apparently having a new house built just down from the intersection in 1875, on land once part of James Cook's farm. The house was two storeyed, with verandahs and set back from the street according to brief descriptions by his daughter Ethel Florence, the authoress Henry Handel Richardson (1870-1946). The family was in the house perhaps less than a year, then it was tenanted by various people including Philip Brodie (a draper) and Thomas Gordon (a merchant) until acquired by John Ormond in 1888. He either extended or rebuilt it into a 40 room 3 storeyed hotel to meet the expected increase of custom after the Glenferrie Station opened. A lower section is visible at the back west corner with may be part of the original building.


Glenferrie Hotel, c1976
Henry Handel Richardson (Image: National Archives of Australia)