Yarra Bank Reserve

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The western corner of the Hawthorn Village Reserve was the site of the first regular means of crossing the river, a punt, somewhere near the end of the present Denham Street in 1842/3. The first wooden bridge built in 1851 was definitely a little further south, but north of the present stone bridge which was begin in 1858.


Palmer's Punt (C. Norton / 1871)

Pictures Collection, State Library of Victoria


The first mains water supply from the Yan Yean reserve came across the bridge in 1865 but previously the residents paid for water pumped from the river in the charge of William Thompson, a member of the Municipal Committee. A coffee shop was nearby, a little group of buildings on former Pinnock property, all under water in the floods of 18673. The area was dug for stone and gravel for roadworks, by reserved for a park in 1860.