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South corner Simpson Place and Church Street

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The Red Lion, perhaps Hawthorn's most famous hotel was built for George Hatherly (or Hatherley), by his son Lewis in 1852. It was later taken over by his son-in-law Charles Scuffam. The lane behind down to the brick fields was first known as Scuffam's Lane. The hotel was probably the earliest commercial venture on the 'Kew Road', built when all the traffic to Kew, Doncaster, Bulleen and beyond came across what was then the only bridge, Burwood Road Bridge. It was one of the hotels where the public meetings were held to elect a Municipal Committee to organise Hawthorn's breakaway from the rest of Boroondara. It seems to have also been the scene of meetings to start other local ventures - a church, or a school - and remembered as having the atmosphere as well as the name of English inns. It was de-licensed in 1920 and later demolished.


Red Lion Hotel (Image: Pictures Collection, State Library of Victoria)



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