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379 Tooronga Road

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One of the oldest properties in Hawthorn and with the longest family associations, "Maraquita" was the home of the McLean family from the 1850s for three-quarters of a century. Neil McLean, merchant ironmonger, acquired a block at the end of Gardiner's Creek Road, which as Toorak Road continued through the original Block A as the northern boundary of his property of 12 ½ acres. Tooronga Road and the first bridge across Gardiner's Creek nearby were sometimes referred to as "McLean's" in the early 1860s and the Gardiner's Creek area was often thought of as part of Malvern. Gasometers were established on former McLean property at the turn of the century, and part subdivided as Kaikoura Avenue with houses there flooded in the 1934 floods.


MMBW Map showing location of "Maraquita"  Gasometers near Toorak Road Bridge (Image: Public Records Office Victoria)



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