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Beehive Hotel

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Built/licensed: 1854. Rebuilt 1882 in new location

Location: 84 Barkers Road, Hawthorn

Delicensed: n/a

Status of building: Existing hotel.

Other names: Barkers Wine Bar and Bistro.

Heritage Reviews / Conservation studies: City of Boroondara Thematic Environmental History (March 2012) pp. 82, 97, 105, 107, 176

City of Boroondara - Hawthorn Heritage Study (1992) p. 41

MMBW Maps: Detail plan 1297, 1903.


Comments: First built in 1854 by James Colvin. Early maps show it to be a little south of corner, and address Church St in rate books. Until 1862, Barkers Road was called the Beehive Road - presumably taken from the presence of the hotel. It was later rebuilt in 1882 on the corner of Barkers Road and Church St, where it remains to this day, now refurbished as Barker's Wine Bar and Bistro.


Map c.1855 showing original location of Beehive Hotel Map c.1883 showing new location of Beehive Hotel
Barkers Wine Bar c.2011 (Image: Google Maps)



1855/80 - James Colvin (also listed as Calvin)

1880 - Margaret Colvin

1881/84 - William Colvin

1885/96 - John Kearney (as J. Kearney)

1896 - Patrick Carmody

1926 - John Victor Quirk

1937 - Francis John Pickett

1938 - Isaac Orbuck

1939-54 - Harold Norman Watts

1955 - Donald Frederick Washington

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